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Ecotrop Consulting

Is a newly established social & environmental consultancy firm, set up in 2019 by four experts in the development and implementation of social and environmental sustainability of natural resource-based businesses.

Our team of experts are highly experienced in social and environmental sustainability implementations in different sectors, such as the palm oil industry, forestry, mining, renewable energy, fisheries, and other natural resources-based industries. Our team has experience in Indonesia, Malaysia (Malay Peninsula, Sarawak, Sabah), Lao PDR, Thailand and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

We believe that sustainability should be the core of every business, and that sustainability principles will ensure benefit of companies to the local communities, to the environment, as well as long-term profit for the company. therefore, we are committed to keep improving our quality to be able to provide the best possible service to all our clients and their beneficiaries.


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